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This is the order form page.

Please fill in the necessary information which will allow us to generate an order number and assist you further. However if you want to move your order to the front of the queue then download the application, fill it in and send it back to us either by email or by fax and we will get started on having you connected ASAP

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Fax : 0866 944 154

Click here to download an application form: EC Fibre Application for FTTH

Order Form

  • Subscriber Information

  • Order Details

  • Banking Details and Payment Authorisation

  • Mandate and Authority for payment instructions given to EC Fibre (PTY) Ltd in terms of this agreement
  • Declaration (signature will be obtained on printed contract)

  • I, the under signed confirm the accuracy of the information contained in this application and warrant that I am duly authorized to sign. I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Standard EC Fibre Terms & Conditions as well as Product Specific Terms & Conditions relevant to the service rendered in terms of this agreement upon signature hereof. I am aware that the above mentioned amount applicable to the service applied for and accept that this amount will be debited from your account prior to installation and upon signature hereof. I hereby consent to EC Fibre(PTY) Ltd performing Credit clearance verification and consent to the sharing of personal and or business entity credit information. I further acknowledge that the activation of all services is subject to FICA, RICA and all other legal requirements as governed by law.

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